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Dr Sushmita Hunter

Dr Hunter has over 30 years experience as a Medical Practitioner and Psychiatrist. 


She studied for her medical degree at the University of NSW and graduated in 1989 with Honours (MBBS). She has been an examiner for the Royal College of Psychiatrists 

Dr Hunter has been a consultant psychogeriatrician (old age psychiatrist) since 1997 and has vast experience in the public and private sectors and rural and urban settings having set up 2 old age services in the public sector.

She has also worked with the Black Dog Institute for many years managing mood disorders in all age groups.

Dr Hunter specialises in pharmacotherapy and is good at managing medications for mood & anxiety disorders. She is a good listener and will spend time with patients on issues other than medication and will not prescribe medications unless they are necessary.

Dr Hunter has an interest in integrative medicine so genetic disorders and diet that affects mood and memory and will often order tests that are not regularly ordered by your GP and prescribe specific supplements.

Dr Hunter is deeply committed to her patients and will assess thoroughly, write back to GPs and referrers and will follow up closely. She has a good recall of your details and history and will treat you with respect and listen to you.  Appointments are usually 45 mins for follow ups and 60 minutes for new patients. Only 7 to 8 patients are seen in any day.  Families are welcome to attend and are included in the treatment with permission of the patient.

Dr Hunter is a Council Appointed Practitioner.  This means she is on the Medical Council (Medical Board) and assesses other medical practitioners if they need psychiatric assessment.

Dr Hunter has 2 adult daughters who have turned out well and live in Melbourne with a black lab called Lola and a cat called Beau.  Dr Hunter likes to read, watch TV and sleep.


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