Dr Jon Williams

Dr Williams is a consultant psychiatrist who has 30 years experience working as a child, adolescent and family psychiatrist in private and government services dealing with the full range of mental health isssues in children and adolescents.

He has also over this time maintained a private practise seeing adults, particularly with ADHD, depression, anxiety and truma.

He has a particular interest working in Family Therapy and Individual Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. He provides assessment, individual and family counselling, individual psychotherapy, medication for children and adolescents where appropriate.


In the last 10 years he has also combined training in complimentary energy medicine based approaches in Sydney to provide holistic based approach when appropriate.

In more recent years he has worked as locum psychiatrist visiting the immigration detention centres. Over the last 5 years Dr Williams has worked with NSW health services in the Hunter Region Child and Adolescent Mental Heath teams and John Hunter Nexus Inpatient Adolescent Unit as well as locums in Queensland and Western Australia.

He is a member of the Faculty of child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Fuculty of Psychotherapy.

At present Dr Williams shares his time between private practice in Western Australia and Sydney.

Dr Williams was recognised in the 2013 Mental Health Good Outcomes Awards in WA and was instrumental for setting up outreach services for adolescents with eating disorders.  He worked for 20 years as the cofounder of the Peel Child & Adolescent Mental Heatlh Service.

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