Dr Lindy Schur


Dr Schur is a consultant psychiatrist and psychotherapist. She received her medical degree and specialist psychiatrist qualifications in South Africa.  She migrated to Australia and was admitted to the Royal Australian and NZ College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) and is an accredited examiner in the College.

Dr Schur has worked in both the public and private hosptial sectors and has consulting rooms at the Hills Clinic since 2009.  She has extensive experieince in adult mental health disorders; specifically mood and anxiety disorders, bipolar specturm disorders,  PTSD, Women's Mental Health, complex grief as well as adolescent year 11 and 12 student mental health.

Dr Schur offers a wide range of pyschotherapy approaches, focusing on Cognitve Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Process Orientated Psychotherapy (POP) and psychodynamic psychotherapy (brief & long term), together with pharmcotherapy (medication).